A Reminder: The Beauty of the Human Body

I sometimes forget to appreciate

the beauty of the body I live in

but was reminded recently

when I folded my ankle

like my brother’s rubber boot,

which I wore when I fell: for

it flopped down on my sprint

with our dog to the front door. 

With my jaw clenched

and tears scarcely kept in my eyes

I couldn’t help but admire

and be astonished by

my body’s prompt reactions to ensure

and secure a quick return:

resembling a hot air balloon in seconds


             and hot to the touch

        which lead to me putting

                    my ankle

                  up  –    up –



(or I’d drop from the pain)

The colour, at that point,

was nothing noticeable, as of yet.


over the course of the following days,

it took on all shades of the cool colour palette

along with

 a 5-day long-lasting blue line

which curved ‘round the edges of my swelled up skin.

Swelling like a cushion

couched my step

and forced me to slow down

and re-appreciate my ability to walk

distances, climb stairs and rocks,

and run around with our dog.

Now, 12 days later, I’m still

looking down at my ankle

in all its hues.

This little rankle

will serve as a reminder

to appreciate the beautiful,

bounce-back quality

of my body,

and maybe,

(just maybe)

to wear better shoes.