Caught in a Moment

Placed in front of the window

representing the sanctioned union of

love between the god of love and

human, Amor and Psyche,

you are surrounded by tourists

there in the Capitoline Museums.


Your countenance a block

of formerly compressed dirt

which extroadin’ry hands had painted

with shades of humanity

now elicits feelings

of admiration for the skill

but also of discomfort

for intruding on your intimate embrace.


You’re a block of marble

you do not register, or feel

your feet are angled outward

toward your maker, or spectator

your upper bodies entwined.

Any care for your surroundings


For why would you?

You are a marble sculpture

You are immortal love


in a tactile, palpable moment.



Jasmijn Stegeman

By Unknown artist - Jean-Pol GRANDMONT (2011), CC BY 3.0,