The Edges of Reality

Rub your eyes

and check to see


edging your sense

of reality

Whether you follow Henry Hall & His Orchestra

along to the teddy bear’s picnic


trundle through the woods

on the way to your grandma,

when, instead of a wolf

you encounter a thriller-writer

telling you about villainous acts

described in detail

-which their book decidedly lacks-

letting you remember

that Erin Brokovich

was painted a phantast by PG&E, the company

poisoning her town, but

turned out to be a visionary.

The enchantment of the fantastical

weaves its way for the extra-terrestrial,

quests, and the supernatural


of whom we can never be sure

-they might meet us-.

The possible permeating of the Norm


the grown-up, disenchanted

reality or dream

of the fulfilment of a fantasy.

Fantasies may shape-shift,

drift to you in a dream,

trip you up with a medically induced hallucinogenic,

or be sussed out in intimacy.

Whatever its form

or resting place,

who knows the true reality

of what you might face?

Design by Giulia Cristofoli