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Shih-Lun Chang

The Misrepresentation of Culture

A few of us were sitting on a terrasse on a sunny-soon-to-be-cloudy day with the chance of meatballs…khm, khm, sorry, I meant rain. Yes, indeed I haven’t made a #dadjoke pun about a random film or cartoon in a while, so here it is. Relish it. . Anyhoo, while enjoying the gentle breeze a few of us were talking about the usual arts people topics, such as living in the Netherlands as internationals, admiring its DIY healthcare system, and randomly talking about synaptic pruning and the power of behavioural patterns.

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The Candy of Guilt

Pleasure for itself and in moderation does not, by virtue, possess a guilty quality. It is when a person starts to indulge themselves in excess that it becomes ‘guilty’. From personal observations and experiences, it seems to me that indulgence is one of the key steps which opens doors to the realm of guilt. Between all the silly and real ‘guilty pleasures’, there is one I would say for which you really should look out for – it is the guilty pleasure of guilt itself.

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