Letter From the Editor

Dear reader,

What weights down your consciousness?

Maybe it is that time you left things to do because the coach was too comfortable. There was no way you would get out of there, so it’s best to procrastinate.

What hunts your thoughts from time to time?

It might be that piece of cake your stomach didn’t need, but you still went for.

What is it that you blame yourself for?

Perhaps you blame yourself for wanting the beautiful garden of the neighbour next door.

What shames you? Not what makes you blush, but what makes you hide your face? What makes you want to disappear?

I may venture a guess that it is the secret kink you wouldn’t admit even to your dearest lover.

Or else, it is that need you have underneath your skin to always have more, more and more.

Is your liable weakness the need to tell everyone about your achievements? The need to feel others’ admiration?

You don’t need to hide anymore. You don’t need to feel guilty for enjoying this pleasure

I bet it’s none of that. Your sin is quite another.

I know that what makes you feel shame, what you do when no one is looking, what you allow yourself to enjoy while carrying this secret weighs in your conscious, the pleasure you feel most guilty about is something else.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to look away.

Nor do you need to keep this secret.

Because I know it, and let me tell you something: others know it too.

You don’t need to hide anymore. You don’t need to feel guilty for enjoying this pleasure

It’s okay, you can come out.

Yes, you can dance to that Britney Spears song. You can laugh at a Tom and Jerry episode. You can dream with a Barbie movie. You can sing along with that High School Musical tune.

It is okay.

No one here will judge you.


Welcome to our beginning
Giulia Cristofoli