Dear reader,

Did you ever have the feeling that you need the world to stop for a bit just so you can think for a second? Just to slow things down to give you some time to understand what is going on. A pause, if you will. Or a step back; to gain perspective. So, have you?




We are celebrating a year of the first publication of this amazing project. We have experienced so much together.  We discovered the work of several artists, we enjoyed lots of poetry, we explored the world of art today and yesterday, we tore different works to pieces and reflected a lot on what art means. I don’t know about you, but I had fun.

During this year, we had people joining us temporarily, others who have changed the internal part of the magazine in ways you can’t imagine. Together, we learned how to work as a group and as individuals. We grew together.

So we can continue growing, we needed to take a rough decision. So the magazine can go forward and keep enchanting you, dear reader, with all the arts of the world, we need some perspective. In other words, we need a break to figure out where we stand in the world before we can decide where to go from here. So, for a while, we will no longer publish new content on our social media or new articles on our website.

I know what you are thinking: what are you going to read on your Tuesdays and Saturdays from now on if not the new publications of All in Art?

Don’t worry, it’s not a permanent break – otherwise, I am pretty sure we would be calling it something else. It’s just a time off so in the future we can entertain you even more with quality reading material for your week! So hang in there, because…

... we will be right back!

Welcome to our beginning
Giulia Cristofoli