Guilty Pleasures

As always,

with phenomena related to feelings

everything is relative,


a matter of choice & taste

and having the freedom to partake.

Starting with 

to cops & robbers, rope jumping,

playing tag, and handclapping games,


to childhood activities

played with childhood worries

and an absence of adult responsibilities.

Longing for that time,

lusting for the activities,

and letting yourself do them

every once-in-a-while

is another, common,

guilty pleasure

that relieves the pressure.


Whatever it is for you, and what little guilt it might bring;

it is not enough to override the kick its pleasure forms within


Moving on

to giving in and buying another book,

while your physical TBR*

is still taller than you are. Maybe

you love judging your neighbours’ interior

by peeking through their windows

as you’re walking past.


It is a pleasure that somehow

sustains and serves a part of you;

a secret pleasure for yourself.


Pleasure overpowering guilt

and subsequent embarrassment

for a liking

which crosses a social norm,

or personal boundary.



Be it not-the-norm,

 far from woke,

 or even going against your own principles.

It is personal;

as long as it may harm no one

I don’t care about your conflicted fun.


*TBR= (list of) books To Be Read