Imagining improbable things

Imagine yourself sitting outside. The sun is coming up at the horizon. You can see the clouds gaining some colours, the sky is slowly turning brighter. The birds are chirpy-duping. Some left-over party humans are returning home. You say hi. You feel the wind tousling up your hair. And, suddenly, the morning sun is getting too bright, too warm. You get off the bench, or chair, or log, or other entity you imagined yourself sitting on, and go. Where to? I don’t know. That’s up to you to fantasise about.

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Nienke Maat


It’s a casual Saturday night. I’m putting on my best clothes: huge sweatpants and a chic, flowy floral top. I complement my look with a bold red lip and… done. Ready for the night to start. Only, tonight the party doesn’t happen in some sticky-floored club. No. Tonight we go to the theater.

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Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Rue des Moulins (1894)

The Fairy-tales of Recognition

Once upon a time, in a far far land, was a woman named Ludovica. Ludovica was a sensational, confident and luminous being. She was also a happy being. Ludovica wasn’t trapped in any tower, she had no evil stepmother and didn’t need a prince on a white stallion to save her from an embarrassing situation.

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Korzo theater in the Hague offers a unique opportunity, for both creators and visitors, to explore, feel and create a unique moving arts experience.

The “language no problem” of Korzo Theater

The first time I walked into Korzo Theater, Prinsestraat 42, 2513 CE The Hague, my stress levels were almost human. They grew in my stomach during the night, forest of uncertainties, expectations and excitements. When we walked into Korzo for the first time, my stress and I, were holding hands.

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