by: Giulia Cristofoli

Dear reader,

If you are not listening to anything, put on a song that you like. A calm one. Maybe some smooth jazz. Maybe a waltz.

If you are in a noisy situation, get yourself out of there. Stop the music, put your headphones on or leave the room for a bit. And listen. Listen to the silence and let it penetrate you.

Now, whether in silence or not, take a deep breath. Touch something soft. Some wool from a coat, or the leaf of a plant. Try to really feel the texture. Do you feel it? Then try to describe it. What is this texture like? Does it make you feel anything? Does it remind you of something else? Say it. You can say it out loud.

The next step is to get a candle, perfume, or even your shampoo. If you run out of options, you can simply light a match and blow it out. Realize the difference in smells. What is your nose telling you right now?

Well, I might have to ask you to go to the kitchen. If you don’t have any edibles nearby, I advise sitting this one out. I wouldn’t ask you to put anything questionable in your mouth. But if you are at home or have something that you can eat next to you, do it. Taste salt or sugar. Or the seasoning that’s sitting there. You may not like it, but go ahead, give it a try.

Don’t forget to keep on saying out loud what you are feeling. What does it taste or smell or feel like? How does it make you feel? Try to notice the taste arriving in your tongue. Be aware of your tongue. Think of how this food dissolves in your mouth and moves on to your throat. While the particles go down, the thought of the taste goes up. Feel every fiber of your being while you experience that.

Now you will close your eyes. But before you do, think of a scene. Any scene really. Think of all you just did and let your wonderful and skillful imagination create a scene for you. And when you close your eyes, you will count till 5 and let this scene develop. Go ahead, close your eyes.











I can only wonder what you imagined. But now I am sure you are ready. Your senses are awoken. You are going to need it for this one. Welcome to our next edition and prepare yourself to embark on a journey with us through art and sexuality.